Problem with Photo Express 4.0 SE and BH-10 camera
« le: 11 juin 2018 à 09:26:29 »

I was recently given a Bell & Howell BH-10 Dual Mode Camera (8001 CF). I have installed the Drivers as well as Photo Express 4, Photo Express 6 and Ulead Cool 360 from the accompanying CD. When I check the device manager on my computer the camera is listed under Imaging Devices and it indicates that the device is working properly. The other USB devices on my computer are working properly. When I open Photo Express 4, click on Get Photo, select the BH-10 Camera and then click on Acquire, I get the following message: Failed to open camera". I have tried uninstalling everything and doing a fresh installation but nothing seems to resolve this issue. Do you have any suggestions?

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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